welcome to bold springs bakery!

bold springs bakery is not your typical bakery.  As much as possible, I use organic ingredients and use freshly milled organic whole wheat in my bread, muffins and cookies.  It's real food -- nothing fake, as little processing as possible.  Even my sweetener is as unprocessed as possible! I use organic sucanat -- dehydrated cane sugar -- or honey as my sweetener much of the time.  

So as you or your children are enjoying a cookie, it's as healthy as I can make it!  And it's still delicious! 

email if you'd like to place an order, ask questions, find out about shipping, etc: 


First read why freshly milled whole wheat flour is the best (read: healthiest and most delicious!) option for you and your family.  You can read about it on the page, "why is freshly milled wheat so good?".

Then check out my autumn-winter menu page to see what I'm currently in my kitchen cooking up.  Then call or email me to place your order.   When possible, please order 48 hours (minimum) in advance.

Everything (EVERYTHING!) is made from scratch, with high quality fresh and wholesome ingredients.  If I can't pronouce it, I don't cook with it -- and you shouldn't eat it!! 

Made-from-scratch down-home gourmet specialties include:

  • home-made baked breads, muffins, cookies and more … made from freshly milled organic wheat
  • cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cobblers, and other delicious desserts
  • seasonal desserts and baked items
  • gourmet loose-leaf teas and fresh chai concentrate
  • freshly milled wheat for your own baking-at-home needs

Are you preparing for a party and need an extra dish or two prepared … or need something to wow your friends for a potluck or bake sale?   Let me help!


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I hope you'll take a moment now and then to visit my blog.  I write about life here at the cottage -- baking, (some disasters!), my new garden, and other simple things...